Polishing pixels to perfection
Postwork offers visual effects and motion graphics with uncompromising passion.
From photo manipulation to visual effects on the big screen, to bring your images to life.
- Compositing
- FX animation
- Motion graphics
- Editing
- Photo manipulation
- Image retouching & repairing
- Logo design
- UI design
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You can see a list of my feature films and TV series work at the Internet Movie Database.
Postwork is small, but efficient and flexible. We’re always open. Don’t hesitate to contact me for any information.

Who am I
Hi. I’m Jari. A visual effects artist and graphic designer, living in Finland near Helsinki.
My career started in the late 80’s while studying Industrial Design in the University of Industrial Arts. I got introduced to a fascinating world of digital image manipulation, well before Photoshop or modern personal computers even existed. The first revolutionary digital tools were heavy, immensely expensive and accessible only to a select few. By luck and sheer stubbornness I was soon working full time creating strange things to the television screen.

1987… Provideo Oy - Graphic Designer and VFX Artist
1994… Factory Post Oy - Senior VFX Artist
2001… Generator Post Oy - Senior VFX Artist
2014... Postwork Productions Oy - Founder, VFX Artist

I have worn many hats and gained a lot of valuable experience working professionally across three decades. 
Numerous clients and projects include feature films, TV commercials, title animations, program idents, music and corporate videos; all the while witnessing the development of technology from film to files. Tools, business and people have been revolutionised over and over again, but creativity and vision still remain as important as ever.
I am happy to serve any client, big or small, and create engaging work for all interesting projects.
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